What it Means to Make a Decision…

Updated: June 30, 2022

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… and how to leverage the power of a well made decision to get what you want.

A loooong title I know. But since I’m not into reading info without taking action, I’m also not into sharing info, without giving you a way to follow through (hence a title of two parts).

The definition of “to decide” = to solve or conclude (a question, controversy, or struggle).

Tony Robbins adds to that: To cut yourself off from all other outcomes.

I add the wisdom of Yoda (why not):

Do, or DO NOT!
There is no TRY.

So every time you say to yourself (or think) you’ve made a decision, and then passively float off into the next day – week – months or years, hoping and TRYING to make something happen for yourself, make no mistake – you’ve not made a true decision!

Because when you DECIDE in the real way. When your every fibre understands you’re not TRYING – you’re DOING – you’re clear on what needs to be done.

You’re certain there’re no other plans (no plan B, C, D…)

You commit to yourself and anyone that cares to know, that you are moving in the direction you’ve decided on.

I promise you that if you make a decision this way – you will get shit done!

And Now You Know This…

You can leverage the technique every time you truly want results for yourself. I’m talking – when you “mean business”. When the decision is dear to your wellbeing. (And also when you just want to test yourself that you CAN follow through – try it – it’s so fun :o)

Try it first with a small decision.

Like what to have for lunch. Decide on the meal. Then just enjoy. Without ruminating on what else you could have had. Or if this is good for you. Or what you should try next time.

Then upgrade to bigger decisions.

Once you taste the FREEDOM that comes with “cutting yourself off from any other outcomes” your entire being rallies behind you to support you in your chosen direction.

The energy you’d normally expand on rumination, doubt, and seeking other options, will now be focused on one path. One tiny step after another.

Keep Your Focus on the Prize

Something I strongly believe in is using a Totem to trigger and anchor a new behavior you decide to add to your life.

This is particularly useful for state-of-mind changes (as opposed to behavior creation). And also very effective with triggering states multiple times throughout the day.

Let’s say you wanted to feel more confident while in social interactions. Sure you can prime yourself in the morning as a routine to be in a certain way. But that usually doesn’t readily show up when the actual interactions happen, because you’re anxious and emotionally diverted.

So instead of thinking “I’m confident“, you’re thinking of what others are thinking about you and how inadequate you feel.

Now – if you had a Totem – you can wear that throughout the day with the decision and priming that when you’re wearing that Totem – you ARE in a certain way!

No negotiations.

I have a pinkie ring. Its stone is a Gold Quartz (believed to give confidence and focus on getting the desired result). I’ve made a mental commitment to moi, that when I am wearing this ring I am in my most authentic Creator mode!

It’s non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter if I feel like it or not. And who’s around, or if I feel creativity is even needed… I just switch “hats“.

What’s really powerful about this method is that you don’t even have to believe in the super-power of the stone or Totem in general. You just need to commit to honour the meaning you’ve assigned. The rest is done by your subconscious!

It doesn’t work right out the gate. But maybe 2nd 3rd time – it’s on.

It’s just the way our brains work. We form visual associations. We also allow ourselves to play a role – because of the support from the Totem’s assigned super-power.

Try it.

Pick a Totem (of course you’re welcome to get one of my unique pieces :o), but you can try anything that’s significant for you in a way that connects to your goal. And it has to be something that can be with or on you, when you need the trigger and anchor of the new behavior, thought, or feeling.

And if You Fail to Commit in That Way…

Then use that as a signal that:

  • either your decision is not the right path, so your subconscious isn’t getting behind you 100%. Check your gut for the feeling – does it feel like a yes or a no?Do the 10-10-10 test – if you make or not make this decision now, how will you feel about it in 10 days time? In 10 weeks time? In 10 years time?
  • you’ve not clarified your desired outcome well enough for you to follow. IF the decision is important enough, sit down and get clear with a pen and paper – not in your mind’s eye.
  • or this just isn’t urgent enough for you right now. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being an absolute must) – how necessary/desired is the outcome for this decision? If it’s a 7 or below, shelve it and save your energy and self belief for something more important. If it’s important check the two points above.

Feel free to let me know below what decision you commit to testing with the above mindset.

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…

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