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Updated: June 30, 2022
Hug Breath TLA How to Description

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I can honestly and to the best of my knowledge attribute this one to my own infinite wisdom ;o) But my Hug Breath is actually a product and evolution of everything I know about breath tactics.

It’s how my brain works – it mashes things up from different sources.

André laughs at me because sometimes I’d read 2-3 different books on the same topic simultaneously, so when it comes to enthusiastically sharing my newly gleaned insights, I can’t tell which I got from where…

But sometimes – just sometimes – there are strokes of tiny genius (at least according to me and the peeps in my sphere of influence who are brave enough to try the “mashed” versions).

So half of this breath tiny little action (actually the seed) comes from the genius of Kamal Ravikant’s latest book on self love.

The other part is me.

And the last part is borrowed from the last breath tactic I shared with you in my previous post the Q-Q-S breath TLA (which as you now know instantly interrupts a stress/anxiety pattern).

How to do it?

So the Hug Breath is a Q-Q-Sloooow breath, but on the Slooooow exhale part you close your eyes and imagine with every fiber of your body the warmest, heartiest, most comforting hug enveloping your entire torso.

Invisible, infinitely reassuring arms wrapping around you – no expectations – just comfort and love.

NOTE: Just in case there’s the odd enthusiast out there that will try this whilst driving, or doing anything else that may be dangerous to do with closed eyes – don’t. Do this in the security and comfort of safety. On the toilet (for example) would work for most of us ;o)

Why do it?

Other than the obvious soothing and calming of your stress response system. It’s a great way to take a moment and be grateful for yourself. You are the CEO of the business of YOU – and you have to show up and take care each and every single day. You deserve some kudos for that.

The other more mushy reason (and I do suggest you embrace this despite your type-A tendencies) is that we take self-love expression for granted. We assume it’s given to us intravenously by the Universe (included in the package we call body).

It’s not!

And it is the resource, supplement, medication (call it whatever) that’s most likely to pay dividends… only it’s the one that’s most often completely missing until the shit hits the fan.

So I share my Hug Breath TLA in the hopes that you will try it at least once today and LOVE IT.

And then you’ll remember to do it whenever you’re on the loo (and since we all do the loo part, so there should be no excuse for you not to find the moment to give back to yourself what i suspect you give to others in copious amounts).

Your call to TLA

Let me know below if you did try it, and if you did or didn’t LOVE IT.

Pre P.S. You can use a Totem to anchor and trigger this TLA into your daily breath (ha! see what i did here). As usual you can get a fresh new one from me, or use one you already have. A ring works well as it’s easily visible in all situations.

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…

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