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You’re Ready to Join Us in the Foundations Workshop?

Great! You can find the next cohort date, along with the application form and any other information you may need here. We look forward to having you onboard.


You Have a Specific Thing in Mind!

If you know what you want to work on, and you want the most direct and fastest way to get into action, use this link to book an Exploratory Call with me. Answer the questions included in the booking form. They’re specifically designed to help us get clarity before we meet so that we can get directly into action on our call. I aim to get you closer to a solution by the end of our call, but at the very least, you will have a clear idea of your next steps options to consider.


Opt-in for Free Actionable Updates

A good option if you’re not able to commit full-time yet, or you want to get to know me and decide if the Self-Design philosophy is for you. No problemo! The most reliable and immediate way to hear about the new ideas I share, is to opt-in for free unintrusive updates :o)


You’re Not Sure Where to Start or You Want to Email Me

Maybe you’re unsure if the Foundations Workshop is your starting point. Or you just have a reason to get in touch? Use the form below to reach out. Please be succinct and clear, so that we can get you the right answer ASAP :o)