Self-Design Foundations Workshop

This workshop lays the foundations of the Self-Design Matrix. Its goal is for you to gain the hands-on skills to get your work-life-play setup in alignment – and begin to see benefits before the eight weeks are up.

By designing a life around your traits, values, and how you naturally show up at your best, you’ll move towards your goals with more intention and less friction each day. You’ll feel excited and engaged with the work you want to do, while also enjoying your family and everything else that makes you feel alive.

The Foundations workshop aims to give you
the hands-on skills to rig your work-life-play setup
in alignment with how, where, and why you do your best naturally.

What to expect from the workshop?

Each workshop is limited to a deliberately small cohort of just 15 spaces. That way, we can focus on each of your goals and make sure we get you moving in the direction you want to go. We rely on each other’s collective support with my direction.


First, we help you discover your main personality traits by taking 5 specifically elected test that are tried, and proven to work. So you can start to understand how you intrinsically do what you do and why, across the full spectrum of your humanness – not just at work, or in a team, or socially. For example: 

  • How you naturally approach learning – so you can get so much more out of what you already do.
  • How you do behaviour change – so you can minimise the take-off friction when you try to implement new habits in your life.
  • What your core value drivers are, and what motivates you (internally and externally) to achieve anything in life – so you can intentionally get the most effective leverage when aiming for a goal.
  • How you approach and deal with projects (are you a “starter”, a “finisher”, or Goldilocks in the middle) – so that you can embrace and leverage your natural strengths and have more energy to be more productive. Because you do the stuff that lights you up – especially when things get tough.
  • How you interact with others in work, social, and play settings – so you don’t need to suffer unnecessary friction in those interactions.
  • How you approach and deal with challenges – so you can soften the blows and discomfort we all feel when we face change.

We do that by completing six specifically elected tests, each covering a different aspect of who you are. And you collect your results in what we’ll call your Traits Inventory.


Next, I guide you through creating your unique Traits Map where you can see how their emergent properties spell out the complex being that shows up as YOU – depending on the unique ‘experiential, emotional, and operational soil‘ you bring to this moment.

Because it’s a map – you’ll learn to see overlaps, gaps, correlations and plausible causations. You can start to insight and understand how you do what you do and, most importantly, why. Here’s where you get significant A-has. And here’s where your self-compassion starts to take hold – I’ve seen this happen to so many people and it’s still humbling to witness.

You’re now equipped to know what lights you up, and what you should stay away from, as you start to build the work-life-play setup you desire. You build from the bottom up, not top-down. You build on the foundations of your unique ‘soil’, as opposed to trying to fit yourself into someone else’s pre-defined formula.


Finally, you’ll learn how your mind creates your perceived reality on the go. A dynamic ‘soup’ of the experiential and emotional events you’ve collected on your life path. This understanding, coupled with knowing how to use my proprietary ‘supersmoothie’ of a framework, will help you start to rewire the perceptions you have of your reality, so that you can have more agency over how you experience your world.

You’ll discover your Doom and Bloom Loops and how you can re-wire and enhance them, respectively.

By the end of your time with me, you will:

  1. Have a deep view into who you are and how you most naturally approach projects, tasks, and goals.
  2. Know how to motivate yourself most effectively toward a behaviour or mindset change you want to make. And how to stay the course to make it your own.
  3. Have specific leverage points to get yourself moving or unstuck, and to keep yourself motivated when you need to.
  4. How to rewire your Doom Loops – behaviours that don’t light you up, and situations and operational methods that cause you to waste energy, and to be anxious or stressed.
  5. Feel more equipped to confidently stand into and stand up for your Bloom Loops – what you know makes you enjoy the things you do in life. 
  6. Have ideas of what you can change in your environment to make it more conducive to joy and less friction. 
  7. Find better ways to recharge, so you have better focus, more energy, and motivation for the things you choose to do.

When do we start? How do I apply? What’s the cost?

Next workshop start date: Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Total of 15 places only are available (split into the two options below).

Entry is via Application only. If you’re approved to join, I’ll email you to let you know what happens next.

Weekly meeting times: 16:00-18:00 pm CEST.
(This will suit most time zones, but because it’s impossible to suit everyone, please ensure that you can attend before applying). Sessions are recorded, but you will get the most out of the workshop if you attend at least 3/5 sessions live.

The Specifics

  • This is an 5-week intensive, action-oriented, live, coach-led (the coach being me :o) workshop.
  • You’ll come in with a seed goal in mind. Something not too grandiose that you want to work out and have the time and means to take action on. This goal will give a purpose for the work you do with the cohort you join.
  • We meet once a week for a 2-hour session from 4-6 pm CEST to learn about the topic and tools and to answer questions you may have.
  • Each session, you’ll receive clear instructions, tools, worksheets, and homework to help you understand and practice what you learn, so that by the end of the 5 weeks, you’re already on your path to the transformation you desire.
  • You must ensure you have the time each week to do the work (2 hours for the weekly call, and about 1-2 hours for the work you need to do in-between).
  • You also need to bring the drive to take your work seriously.
  • In-between meets, you’ll have plenty of time to interact with your specific cohort in a private area set up just for you. Being in a cohort is a powerful way to learn from each others’ experiences, which amplifies and accelerates your results. 
  • There are 3 upgraded spots per cohort available for people who want two extra one-to-one sessions with me privately. This is especially useful if you have something urgent or long-standing that you want to get fast results on. You will be asked about this preference in your application.
  • At the end, IF you have done the work, you get a completion certificate.


Self-Design Foundations Workshop

  • 5 weekly live coaching sessions (2hrs each).
  • Self-Design worksheet (covers all self-discovery & learning).
  • A.B.C.D. Rewiring Framework cheat sheet.
  • Private cohort community discussion & collaboration area (only active during the workshop).
  • Free one year membership to the Matrix journey community (usually $300/year & only available for free to alumni members).
  • Completion Certificate

Click to apply for the
Foundations Workshop

(payment only due when
your application is approved)


Self-Design Foundations Workshop PLUS (only 3)

  • 5 weekly live coaching sessions (2hrs each).
  • Self-Design worksheet (covers all self-discovery & learning).
  • A.B.C.D. Rewiring Framework cheat sheet.
  • Private cohort community discussion & collaboration area (only active during the workshop).
  • Free one year membership to the Matrix journey community (usually $300/year & only available for free to alumni members).
  • Completion Certificate
  • 2 EXTRA private consultations with me (60 min each & available to use up to 90 days after end of workshop). Perfect if you have a specific or long-standing issue you need to address.

Click to apply for the
Foundations PLUS Workshop

(payment only due when
your application is approved)

Right – you should now have all the information you need to make the right decision for yourself. 

But because this is a serious investment in yourself – if you’re unsure about anything – feel free to email me before you fill out the application form

For everything else, see the FAQs below.

See you in the workshop :o)


The next workshop starts Wednesday, 3rd May 2023.

I will receive your application form. I’ll review it personally to see if you’re in the right mind-space and mindset to get the best out of the Self-Design Foundations workshop. Either way – I’ll email you back to let you know. And if you are approved, I’ll also send you your payment link.

No – only when your application is approved and your payment has gone through you will have your spot reserved.

No – all you need is the desire, ability, and time to do the work. The rest we will cover in the classes.

You will need to attend the live workshops of 2 hours each. Plus 1 to 2 hours extra per week to either review the work we’ve done, or take care of the work I ask you to complete between the sessions.

Both actually :o) In-person, but on an online call face-to-face.

It is imperative that you CAN make the live calls at least 3 of the 5 times. And it is critical that whatever calls you don’t attend, you keep up with the work required to be complete between sessions.

This is because I want you to get the result you came to get. And because everything in the workshop is selected because it moves the needle on your overall goals. While I understand life can get in the way (which dictates the max 2 lessons missed), this is just an 5-week commitment.

If you have something planned that you know will take you away from completing the required number of lessons, please consider joining us for the next one.

Yes, you will get access to video, audio, and transcripts of each session. But this is to allow you to do additional insighting into what we do together on the calls and to save you having to take notes during the classes. The recordings are not in place of attending live.

Please see the sections above – I have provided you with extensive details.

Yes – everything in the workshop is designed to get you involved and doing.

I have kept the requirements to a minimum. But I will provide you with the worksheet, the framework, and the community communication space. I am also very open with all my resources, so you will be able to draw on any of those you find useful.

You keep access to the materials always. The only thing you will not be able to access after the workshop is finished, is the community area for that cohort. If you make direct connections with some of the members – of course, that’s great. And if you choose to continue with the Seld Design Matrix membership, you will have complete access to everyone else who joins the Matrix community.

Yes – you will have access to a private cohort-focused collaboration and networking area. And the cohort you join is your tribe effectively – so absolutely, yes. See the response above this one for more details.

Ha! Good question. Provided you get a Completion Certificate, you will be invited to join our exclusive Self-Design Matrix community. The Matrix is where things transform from a brief ‘dip of your toe’ to a committed journey into the practice of self-design.

Absolutely! Hell Yeah! Yes, please. And any type of feedback is welcome. I prefer the one that can make the workshop better, but I’m good with anything you want to share.

Yes – you get a Completion Certificate if you complete all of the work required from you in the Workshop AND if you have attended at least 6 of the 8 live calls in person.

Yes. I ask you to take 6 specially selected tests. Two of these are at an extra charge. I considered absorbing the costs into the price of the workshop, but since you will need to do the tests, logistically, it is more efficient (especially for you) if you handle the entire process yourself.

The extra cost to you is $54.95 ($9.95 + $55).

No. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer this yet.

You can ask for a refund up until 30 days before the start date of the workshop you are accepted for. This is mostly because each cohort relies on the number of people present. Pulling out any closer to the workshop will not be fair to other people who committed.

If you have to cancel closer to the time but can find a person to step in in your place, email me, and I will review their application to consider them taking over your place.